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A Note From Jill

We are a US Based supplier and procurer of Fancy Colored Diamond Jewelry and Precious Gems. All of our diamonds are GIA certified.  Our expert team has a combined experience of more than 30 years in the colored diamond and jewelry business.  It is my personal guarantee that you will be very happy with your purchase… in fact, you’ll probably wear it!  Or you may just put it in a safe and save it for your daughter. After 10 years working for another company, I believe that I have been serving my clients with the utmost in personalized customer service. That is my most important concern and privilege. It’s not always business for me, it’s personal.

Whether your budget is $5000.00 or $500,000.00 I will treat you with the very same respect and care. My clients have become my friends. They trust that I will help them make the right decision, especially if it is the decision not to buy. I have not spent my entire career selling commodities or stocks. I worked for two different broadcast news networks covering two different Presidents’, produced many years of television and sold and marketed some pretty cool technology products that have changed the way the world communicates.  So, I guess one could say I know quite a bit about how the world works.

What all this means is, I don’t push my clients or potential customers to buy a Rare Colored Diamond if it’s not right for them.  I know the markets.  I understand the volatility in these very transitional times. I recommend hard assets as they are safe and true. Whether you are young and just starting out investing, or a bit older with children or even grandchildren, it  is important to understand that having a physical tangible asset, especially one that is totally private is necessary for your future and for theirs.

I leave you with this, buying jewelry is personal. If it is not right for you, I will be happy to refer you to another approach to investing. Remember, this is not my first rodeo. I thank you for reading.

With Gratitude

Jill Brevda

Jill Brevda-New pic Sep 2018