Fancy Pink Diamonds

Natural pink diamonds are some of the world’s rarest and highly sought after diamonds in the world. In 2010, a 24.78 carat Fancy Intense Pink Diamond sold for $46,158,674 at a Sotheby’s auction setting a record for the most expensive piece of jewelry ever sold at auction. A dwindling supply has fueled a worldwide increase in demand for these precious gems.


Fancy Red Diamonds

These diamonds are the rarest of all colored diamonds and among the most desirable. According to GIA, a Fancy Red Diamond contains aggregated nitrogen along with a small concentration of isolated nitrogen and hydrogen impurities. The world’s largest Red Diamond, the Red Shield weighs only 5.11 carats while the Kazanijian Red Diamond weighs in at just 5 carats. Their fame is due to these gems being so rare.


Fancy Green Diamonds

Very rare and difficult to find as they must be exposed to a certain degree of atomic radiation during formation to create this vivid color. The Dresden Green Diamond (41 carats) is the most famous. Jeweler Harry Winston displayed this jewel at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. in 2000 beside the Hope Diamond. Discovered in a mine in India, Green Diamonds are extremely valuable.


Fancy Orange Diamonds

Also known as “Pumpkin Diamonds,” Fancy Orange Diamonds are a wonder to gaze upon and are cherished for their vibrant hues. The majority of these gems contain yellow or brown hues that contribute to their radiance. Their high demand is due to an almost nonexistent supply.

Fancy Yellow Diamonds

Often referred to as “Canary Diamonds,” Fancy Yellow Diamonds are among the most popular and fashionable diamonds to be used in luxurious jewelry. The late movie star Elizabeth Taylor owned two, 40 carat Canary diamonds, while reality star and heiress Paris Hilton has a 24 carat Canary Diamond engagement ring.

Fancy Blue Diamonds

Fancy Blue Diamonds, such as the Hope Diamond, are among the most beautiful and valued of all diamonds. Their deep intensity is an expression of strength and independence and their mystery and lore has captivated the public since the 1600s. With the cessation of mining these rare diamonds, Fancy Intense and Fancy Vivid Blue Diamonds have consistently claimed over $1.3 million per carat at auctions.

Fancy Black Diamonds 

These diamonds have become very popular and trendy due to their comparatively low price and pure, luminescent color. The Black Star of Africa (202 carats) is one of the most famous Black Diamonds. While they don’t reflect light like White or Colored Diamonds, Black Diamonds are seen as a prized asset and unique gemstone.

Fancy Purple Diamonds

Purple diamonds are yet another precious stone thousands of people desire and are amongst the rarest and most highly sought after color and are so unusual as a pure purple that they are generally found combined with pink. Pure purple diamonds are extremely rare, and often only very small pecimens can be found.