I am sending you a note to tell you from a customer’s perspective what a valuable broker Jill Brevda is. I’ve been client of Ms. Brevda for many years and in that time have purchased several diamonds from her.  She has never been forceful about making a sale or misrepresented the diamond she is selling, as I’ve experienced with other brokers I’ve dealt with. She is always willing to give me insightful answers to any questions I have and will take the time to explain the merits of one diamond over another or buying diamonds in favor of other hard assets. Jill has several sources for  diamonds and always strives to get me the best diamond for the best price.  She checks every purchase before it’s shipped to be sure the order is right and keeps me informed of what’s happening with my purchase.

She is a diligent worker, sometimes calling me at night or on a weekend about diamonds I’m interested in purchasing. She has an excellent knowledge of rare diamonds, the diamond market and what’s happening with the U.S. the international economy, politics and the stock market.  This knowledge serves her well, and it allows her to advise her clients on the best investment for whatever the current economic situation happens to be.  She reads the Wall Street Journal, several local foreign news sources and other journals to keep up with what is going on in the world. She’s one of the smartest women I know.

When I was ill with cancer and before I had made any investments with her, Jill heard of my illness and called several times  to see how I was doing and sent flowers to my home. Relatives told me this was unusual, and their sales person didn’t do that and said it was not something a broker would normally do. Maybe so, but that’s not Jill’s nature, she cares about her clients no only as clients but as friends.  No one I have done business with has ever cared that much about me as a  client like Jill does.

Many times Jill would offer me a diamond for purchase and I’d tell her to find a different color, shape or get it for a lower price.  This didn’t discourage Jill, she simply went back to work to meet my demands and often did, even if it meant compromising on the sales price or having to sell the diamond she had picked out for me to another client, which required more effort on her part. This “get it done” attitude allowed her to be the top producing broker for her firm many times over. No middle of the pack for Jill, her goal is always to be not only her best but the best among her peers – she is.